Timex T5J031 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The T5J031 from Timex is an entry to mid level HRM that has a bit more to offer than just displaying your heart rate. At about $60 it is very suitable for beginners and more advanced athletes that are looking to target certain heart rate zones. This maker has been in the market of sports time pieces for many years and their experience shows in the quality of the watches.

Over 250 people have reviewed it at Amazon and given it an average 4 out of 5 stars, which is a pretty good review for a simple to use monitor. It is always a good idea to read some of the positive and negative reviews as you get a great feeling for what real users actually think. Take a few minutes to browse the Amazon page and you will be in the best position to make a final decision.

One of the features that takes this device to a slightly higher than intro level is the fact that you can program heart rate zones and the watch will keep you updated about the zone you are working out in during training. This is really helpful as you do not need to remember what zone you want to target and constantly look at the watch. It just makes it a little bit easier while training to focus on your running or cycling without having to work out other information.

The watch will also tell you your average and maximum heart rate and calories burned once you have finished a training session. Keeping track of this data lets you see how you are improving over time. For any beginner and most advanced athletes this will be a perfect device to use for heart rate training. Averages over time will give you a great indication on how you are improving as the average will steadily come down while performing at the same level.

The more data you can collect about your workout performance the better you will be able to plan your training and prepare for competitive events. The great thing is that you can easily access all this data and even view it while you are running or cycling. The watch face is large enough to make it very easy to read even while you are in a training sessions. There really s is no need to stop to get an accurate live reading of your heart rate.

This watch really is a great purchase if yoga re starting out with heart rate training but are already into a fitness regime and are serious about advancing your performance. You will not outgrow it to quickly and it will output a lot of data that will help you maximize your performance so that you are able to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.



Great battery life

Easy to learn to use


Users report the calorie counter to be inaccurate

While listed as water resistant it is not suitable for swimming


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