Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Timex Personal Trainer is one of the most basic models that this company make. At a price of $40 it is very affordable for any beginner trying to improve fitness or lose weight. Asan entry level HRM it does, however, come with some great features that are not always common on similar devices in this price range.

One thing that should be noted is that the Personal Trainer will show you your average and peak heart rate once you complete your workout. This is a great way to see how you are improving over time. During your training you can have the watch display either beats per minute or a percentage of maximum heart rate.

The percentage of maximum is great to see when you are trying to target a certain heart rate zone, which you can also set, but be aware that this HRM will only allow you to set one target zone. This is somewhat limiting and if you are planning some more advanced heart rate training sessions where you vary your performance levels throughout at specific intervals.

The watch will also indicate how much time you spent in the target heart rate zone. This will allow you analyze whether you maximized your training, as the warm up and cool down period will also be tracked. You can essentially set out with the aim of spending for example 30 minutes in a target zone, and you will know from your watch when you have achieved that. This allows you take the time you spend on warming up and cooling down out of the calculation.

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Timex Personal TrainerThe built in calorie counter is a fantastic feature of the Timex Personal Trainer heart rate monitor, if you are trying to measure how much energy you have burned in order to achieve a certain weight loss goal. Using this data you can ensure that your energy output during workout sessions is larger than your energy intake, which ultimately helps in weight loss.

While Timex list this HRM as water resistant to 30m, it is important to note that the supplied chest strap will not give accurate readings under water and therefore is not suitable for swimming. You would need to look into buying an additional chest strap that does work under water, but if you are going to need a heart rate monitor for swimming, you are better off buying one that is suitable for swimming out of the box.

This particular watch comes in two colors, grey/orange and grey/blue. The style, size and color make it suitable for both female and male athletes.



Display of average and peak heart rate

Calorie calculator included


Only one target heart rate zone

Heart rate sensor not accurate under water


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