Timex Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Timex is one of the oldest watchmakers that originated in the USA. Founded in Waterbury, Connecticut it has long been associated with being at the cutting edge of technology for all sorts of watches and gadgets. The company’s range of products includes excellent options for the beginner, intermediate and advanced athlete looking for a reliable device with a range of products.

At the top of the range you will the Timex Ironman heart rate monitors which come with varying sets of features. With everything from calorie counters, heart rate averages, large storage and connectivity to online tracking software. You can even go all out and buy a watch with built in GPS tracking which is great for getting detailed information about different routes. This is obviously high end functionality but of the geeks out there it will be a really cool thing to track.

timex heart rate monitorThe following table contains information about the main features of Timex HRMs that are reviewed on this site. There is a link to each detailed review and you can also click straight through to Amazon to see what other buyers think of the individual products and to get the most up to date prices. The Amazon reviews are very helpful as you can see what other users have to say about the individual models.


NameWarrantyCalorie CalculatorEnergy Pointer*GPSWater ResitantBattery LifeAmazon
Timex Ironman Global Trainer1 YearYesYesYesYes 50m15 hours***Over $200

Timex Ironman1 YearYesNoNoYes 100m3.5 YearsUnder $100
Timex Ironman Run Trainer1 YearYesYesYesYes 50m8 hours**Under $200
Timex Personal Trainer1 YearYesNoNoYes 30m2 YearsUnder $100
Timex T5G9411 YearNoNoNoYes 30m2 yearsUnder $100
Timex T5J0311 YearYesYesNoYes 30m3.5 yearsUnder $100

*Indicator that tells you whether current exercise is burning fat or improving fitness
**dependent on amount of exercise taken
***in continuous GPS mode


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