Suunto T6D Heart Rate Monitor

The Suunto T6D heart rate monitor is one of the high end models made by Suunto, and comes with a price tag of $400, dependent on color and any extras. With a price like that it does have functionality that would only be relevant to very serious athletes. But if you are serious or very competitive, then you would really do yourself a favor with this HRM.

The watch has the ability to also measure speed and distance with PODs that have to be bought extra. Whether you are into cycling or running, you can buy a POD which transmits data to the watch in order to calculate your progress and speed. This is a very important feature for anyone wanting to keep exact track of not only their heart rate. This will also really help you make sure that you are on track for a competitive event. In preparation you can figure out what pace you need to be at to be performing in your optimum heart range.

Suunto T6DTracking speed and distances is important to get a better understanding of how fitness levels are improving over time. This will allow you to vary speed and distance to achieve different levels of performance dependent on your training plan. You get much better control over your performance and critically avoid over or underperforming for your set target.

The built-in altimeter is ideal for monitoring altitude performance. For most runners this will not really be of importance, but for performance athletes this can be a very important data point. Running one mile up a steep hill requires completely different levels of performance than running one mile on the flat. Knowing exactly how you perform at different elevations and inclines can be vital for you to prepare for touch competitions.

Uploading data to is pretty vital with this device, since it tracks so much data that needs to be transformed into a more visual information display. Training several times a week, will quickly add up a lot of data and you really want to be tracking this information over time to ensure that you are adequately prepared for any competitive events. As the amount of data you gather increases you will be able to make much better judgements about your progress and training needs.

The Suunto T6D is available in different colours that are suitable for men and women. It is also noteworthy that it is not as bulky as other HRMs with similar feature sets, which makes it very suitable for women or a slim wrist in general. At the same time it is not too difficult to view the data being displayed, so you will not spend too much time getting quick info while you are running. As with all Suunto watches, they are extremely stylish and will really appeal to the fashion conscious.



Customizable screen layout

Very clear display


Speed and distance measure require additional equipment

Workout history not displayed on watch


Also take a look at this very handy comparison table that we have put together in order to make it easier to see the differences between all the different HRMs.