Suunto M5 HRM

The Suunto M5 heart rate monitor is a fully packed HRM that features some very advanced functionality, usually only found on very high end and expensive types like the Suunto Ambit. While the M5 does not come with a built in GPS, you do have the option to buy either a foot, bike or GPS POD that will allow you to track your speed and distance.


Along with your real time heart rate the M5 will also calculate your calories burned which is a great feature if you are aiming for a specific weight loss. The display of the watch is large enough to accommodate multiple data points meaning that you do not have to constantly switch between different views.

Built into the Suunto M5 is the ability to directly upload exercise data to and download recommended exercise programs. The watch will then graphically show you how intense you should exercise on any given day, and also when to take rest days. It is like having a personal trainer assess you on a regular basis and then recommend a training plan.


The Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor

The Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor

Your speed and distance can be tracked with optional foot, bike or GPS pod, which will of course cost you extra. But this does mean that if you ever did want to upgrade to such a feature you would not have to go off and spend several hundred Dollars more to buy a HRM with GPS. Having this flexibility is great as you can expand your equipment as your needs require.


At a price of $190 the Suunto M5 is available in black, black/gold and black/silver which means there are plenty choices for both female and male athletes. It is also a very cool looking and designed watch, for those of us that like it to be fashionable.



Hi spec HRM at a mid range price

Download recommended training programs


Distance and speed require additional gear

Screen can be heard to read in light conditions


Also take a look at this very handy comparison table that we have put together in order to make it easier to see the differences between all the different HRMs.