Suunto M1 HRM

The Suunto M1 heart rate monitor is the entry level and cheapest model from this manufacturer of high precision and design HRMs. As it is an entry level product it does not have many of the features some of Suunto’s other products have, but at a price of $90 this cannot be expected. But you do get a great style and design associated with Suunto.


If you are new to using heart rates to improve your performance and fitness level then this is a very good choice. It doesn’t have many advanced features but they can be distractions when you are trying to get used to this type of training. Being able to focus on heart rate at the very start is important as you will not overload yourself with trying to over-optimize your performance.

The display of the watch will show you your heart rate and workout time, which is something that other entry level watches do not do at the same time. Your calories burned during a training session will also be displayed by the Suunto M1 which is a great way to either target weight loss or make sure that you replenish your lost energy. Diet and exercise should never be looked at in isolation, something that professional athletes will be well aware of.


Suunto M1 Heart Rate MonitorAnother great feature for beginners is that it automatically switches between 3 heart rate zones which helps you optimize your workout sessions and ensure that you achieve the greatest fitness improvements. It also helps you to progress towards an optimal level of performance, which for beginners is something that can take getting used to. All this data is very clearly displayed on a very cool looking watch. You will not have to strain to get a quick reading while you are exercising and in motion.



Very reasonable price for a Suunto HRM

User replaceable battery


No backlight!

3 target zones cannot be modified


Also take a look at this very handy comparison table that we have put together in order to make it easier to see the differences between all the different HRMs.