Suunto Heart Rate Monitor Reviews


Suunto has long been at the forefront of high-tech sports watches. With a long history of making watches and other orienteering equipment it is safe to say that Suunto are like the Rolls Royce in the world of heart rate monitors. Everything from the design to the features are of the highest possible quality making this Finnish manufacturer a top candidate.

The great thing is that there are entry level HRMs available that will not break the bank. While they are not as feature rich as some of the top models you will not go too far wrong by choosing one of these. In the below table you can find a convenient comparison of those models reviewed on this site.

The design of the Suunto models is probably the most standout thing you will notice. They are extremely cool looking and you will probably find yourself wearing the watch for everyday life as well as your workouts. For the fashion conscious this is probably a really good choice, but you will also find that you have a whole host of features to choose from. Make sure you decide what features you really want and then see what kind of a price you can or want to afford.


NameWarrantyCalorie CalculatorEnergy Pointer*GPSWater ResitantBattery LifeAmazon
Suunto Ambit2 YearYesYesYesYes 100m1 to 30 days**Over $200

Suunto M12 YearYesNoNoYes 30m1 yearUnder $100
Suunto M22 YearYesYesNoYes 30m1 YearUnder $200

Suunto M42 YearYesYesNoYes 30m1 YearUnder $200

Suunto M52 YearYesYesOptionalYes 30m130 hours**Under $200
Suunto TD62 YearYesYesOptionalYes 100m300 hours**Over $200
Suunto Vector2 YearYesYesNoYes 30m18 months**Over $200


*Indicator that tells you whether current exercise is burning fat or improving fitness
**dependent on amount of exercise taken
***in continuous GPS mode


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