Popular Heart Rate Monitor Brands

Over the years more and more manufacturers have entered the heart rate monitor and sports watch market. The success of these brands has been mixed and on this site you will find reviews of products by the most popular brands and the best rated devices. This gives you the ability to make an informed choice before you buy. Marketing information can often be misleading and we try to show you a more reliable version of the pros and cons.

In addition to having created reviews for the most popular heart rate monitors with pros and cons for each model we have set up a very convenient comparison table for all the devices reviewd on this site. With the help of this table you can make a much better decision on features and price. We all have different preferences from features to style and functionality. With the comparison table you can focus on the features you really like and then compare the price range.

Here is a list of brands you will find on this site:

All of these manufacturers have a long history of watch and sports equipment. Build quality is good and reliable with the features and functions essentially dictating the price. Good research will help you to avoid making a bad decision that you might regret once you start using a HRM. Hopefully this information will help you make a good and educated decision and that you will not end up with buyers remorse because you didn’t have all the facts before hand.