Polar Wearlink Transmitter With Bluetooth – Best Option For Smartphones

While the traditional heart rate monitor consists of a chest strap and usually a watch that analysis and displays the data received from the sensor, there is now a great alternative. Most people today own a smartphone like the iPhone or Android and Windows based devices. In order to get advanced features like GPS tracking and more complex training data analysis you would have to spend several hundred Dollars. But now you can have a professional set up at a very reasonable price with the Polar wearlink transmitter with Bluetooth.

What Does It Do?

This device is essentially just the chest strap without a watch. It has a built-in sensor that measured your heart rate very accurately and then sends it via Bluetooth to your phone, where it can be analyzed by a designated App.  When it comes to choosing an app, the best thing you can do is download several of the most highly rated types that are available for free.

Choice Of Apps

The majority of apps will come as a free version with additional and advanced features coming at a reasonable cost. Many of these advanced functions are available for less then $10, which is very cheap when you compare this to the price of high end HRMs. Once you have found an app that you like from a usability and interaction point of view, you can then always choose to purchase the additional features.

Some of the recommended and compatible apps for the Polar wearlink transmitter with Bluetooth are listed on the Polar website. As menationed, the best thing to do is try out the free versions and then make a decision on which one you like best. Don’t just jump into buying apps as you can quickly waste a lot of money. Just use the free version first and see if you like the interface and check whether it is reliable.

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The main limitation is the compatibility of this particular model. It is only compatible with Android and Symbian based phones, which means that if you have an iPhone, iPod or Windows based phone you will not be able to use this particular model. While this is a bit annoying if you are an iPhone user, it is great to see that there are some devices available for Android and Symbian, which sometimes are not supported by other makes and models. There are, however, additional devices available for iPhone and Android, and you should also check out our general info page on heart rate monitors for Smartphones. A full list of compatible devices is available here.


The Polar wearlink transmitter with Bluetooth is the perfect device if you have a compatible phone, which does exclude iPhones and Windows phones, unfortunately. You gain a great deal of flexibility and for less than $70 you will have a heart rate monitor setup that would usually cost you more than $200. There are plenty of apps available and even free ones that will track you route through GPS.