Polar RS800CX GPS Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar RS800CX is one of the top of the range heart monitors available from this manufacturer. Of course this also means a hefty price tag of $350, but you do get a lot of bang for your buck. But before you jump into buying this device, make sure you will actually use the features and not just end up with a gadget that is not used to its full potential.

First of all you have to option of using a foot POD or GPS sensor with this watch. This means that you can track your speed and distance as well as the route you travel and collect this in Polar’s training software. For more advanced athletes this is extremely valuable as you can see your average heart rate on different routes and plan your training better to achieve certain targets.

Fitness Test is one of the smart coaching features built into the watch. It collects data from your most recent training sessions and calculates how your fitness is improving over time. This can help motivate you and also work towards achieving your goals in certain time frames. While this can also be done through various online software programs, it is very handy to have this ready at your finger tips.

best heart rate monitor 2OwnZone is an incredibly useful feature. It essentially tells you what your ideal heart rate zones are and which one to target for achieving improved fitness levels. For each training session you can then rest assured that you have the right zones to work with. This takes the manual calculation out of it and you will have a much more accurate training regime.

The Running Index function is pretty unique to top of the range Polar monitors. It tracks your speed and distance data along with your heart rate to give you a score of how well your running performance is doing. The higher the score the less effort it takes you to run faster. With this one simple feature you will know exactly how well you are increasing your performance levels and fitness range.

Using the Recovery Test will ensure that you do not overly strain your body and take the right amount of resting periods. Many athletes ignore this especially during particularly intense training periods building up to a race or other sporting event. Without rest days at the right time you can very quickly over exercise and end up with negative results for your performance.

Smart Calories will tell you pretty accurately how much energy you have burned during workout. This is extremely important to ensure that you replenish that energy through your diet, not something you want to overlook. Diet and exercise are hugely important to look at in conjunction of each other. Whether you are a professional athlete or just looking to lose some weight, knowing how much energy your burned during a workout will help you plan your diet.



GPS sensor included

Huge amount of advanced training features


Quite a bulky design

Lots of features take a while to learn


Also take a look at this very handy comparison table that we have put together in order to make it easier to see the differences between all the different HRMs.