Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The Polar RS100 heart rate monitor is the most basic one offered by Polar and is ideal for beginners who want to start using their heart rate data to optimize their training and track performance during a workout session. If you are new to using your heart rate data to help improve your performance, and you do not want to spend a lot of money to find out whether this information will be of use to you then this is the ideal watch for you.

With a price tag of less than $70 you get the watch and heart rate sensor which is strapped around your chest. The large display of the watch will show you your total exercise time, lap times and your heart rate. The great thing is that the watch face is large enough to make all the information easily readable. This is sometimes not the case when additional info is being displayed, so this is a great plus for the Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor.

But in addition to this information, the Polar RS100 will also calculate your calories burned by taking information about your gender, weight, height and age, and showing you how many calories you have burned in a workout.

Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor WatchAnother great feature for beginners is the display of what Polar call the “OwnZone”. This essentially displays whether you are training in the ideal heart rate zone for your personal physiological condition to improve your fitness level. As a beginner this can take a little getting used to but this feature will help you get used to it. It makes it very easy for you to focus on your actual training rather having to constantly figure out whether or not you are performing in the right zone.

You can also program the watch to display specific information you want to see during training. You can do this directly on the watch or through the Polar software, but either way this is quite easily done. Most athletes like to see specific information during a training session and this is a great feature to have to customize the watch display.

What the Polar RS100 does not feature is the ability to save the data from previous workouts. Such features are available on slightly more expensive models offered by Polar and others. But for less than $70 you are getting all the basic functionality to be able to improve your training.

The watch is only available in black which makes this somewhat of a unisex watch and should appeal to both women and men. From a design perspective it is a pretty cool watch and the buttons are large enough to make it very easy to use while you are training.



Calorie calculator included

OwnZone feature helps beginners get used to using a heart rate monitor


Limited design means it can be a bit bulky for women

Only tracks one workout session total


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