Polar RC3 GPS Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar RC3 GPS heart rate monitor is one of the more advanced HRM available by one of the top manufacturers in this industry. At a price of under $250 it certainly is aimed at performance and professional athletes that are very serious about their training optimization. There are features on this model that you will not find on entry level devices and beginners will probably be overwhelmed by the functionality.

For most people there will be very few if any features that are missing, and with the online services available you will be able to do some pretty serious tailoring of your training regime.  Polar call these features Smart Coaching and two of the best ones are Fitness Test and Endurance Program. It is like having the expertise of a personal trainer with you all the time to tell you how well you are actually doing.

Polar RC3 Heart Rate MonitorYour speed, distance and route are tracked through GPS directly on your Polar RC3 GPS which is a great way to see how much you are training over a given period of time and also helps you plan your intensity to achieve highest fitness levels. When this data is uploaded to Polar’s online tracking system you also get a great visual representation of your performance.

The large display will also give you feedback about your time per mile or KM which can be very valuable during competitive events. No matter what distance you run you will probably set out different levels of speed and pace for different parts of the event. The more information you have the better you will be able to execute to a training or even plan.

This particular model can also a great option for cyclists. It is large enough to see all the data from a bit more of a distance and you can get an adapter to attach the watch directly to the handle bars instead of wearing it on your wrist. This is a really good advantage as you do not have to take a hand off the handle bar in order to check your current data.

For some people this might seem like a bit of James Bond gadget, but if you are into competitive sports, then this can give you are serious advantage. By keeping detailed info about how you perform on certain routes you will be able to clearly identify where your strengths and weaknesses are. This can help you target certain training and also helps with planning your performance during competition.

The large display on the RC3 means that it can show lots of data without having to press buttons and switch between different views. This is very handy because some HRMs can be quite difficult to navigate while you are in the middle of your workout. With just a glance you can get all the important info about your current performance.



Smart Coaching feedback

GPS tracking for speed, distance and route


While listed as water resistant it is not suitable for swimming

Not the best looking HRM by Polar


Also take a look at this very handy comparison table that we have put together in order to make it easier to see the differences between all the different HRMs.