Polar Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

If you are shopping around for a new heart rate monitor then Polar is one of the best options for you. With dozens of popular devices there is one for every possible budget. Whether you are now to heart rate training or are a seasoned professional athlete you will not go far wrong with a Polar heart rate monitor. There is a model for every budget and ability, and the usability is generally really good.

Polar prides itself in being able to provide monitors with some of the most advanced and reliable features you could imagine. It will essentially come down to your individual needs and budget. On this page you will find links to all the heart rate monitors reviewed on this site which will give you a good idea of the features and functionality. For a full comprehensive list of heart monitors you should also check out our full comparison chart which covers a multitude of brands.

The following table shows the Polr heart monitors reviewed here and gives some basic feature info. Each link will bring you to the full review page, and there is also a very handy Amazon link which you can use to see the pricing and ratings of each monitor. Check out the customer reviews to see if there are some that stand out to you for what you plan to use it.

NameWarrantyCalorie CalculatorEnergy Pointer*GPSWater ResitantBattery LifeAmazon
Polar CS3002 YearYesYesNoYes 50m2 YearsUnder $200
Polar FT12 YearNoNoNoYes 30m2 YearsUnder $100
Polar FT22 YearNoNoNoYes 30m2 YearsUnder $100
Polar FT42 YearYesNoNoYes 30m2 YearsUnder $100
Polar FT402 YearYesYesNoYes 30m1 YearUnder $200
Polar FT602 YearYesYesNoYes 30m18 monthsUnder $200
Polar FT72 YearYesYesNoYes 30m18 monthsUnder $100
Polar FT802 YearYesYesOptionalYes 50m1 YearUnder $200
Polar RC32 YearYesYesYesNo12 hours***Over $200
Polar RCX52 YearYesYesOptionalYes 30m11 monthsOver $200
Polar RS1002 YearYesNoNoYes 50m2 YearsUnder $100
Polar RS300X2 YearYesYesNoYes 50m1 YearUnder $100

Polar RS4002 YearYesYesNoYes 50m1 YearUnder $200
Polar RS800CX2 YearYesYesYesYes 50m20 hours***Over $200


*Indicator that tells you whether current exercise is burning fat or improving fitness
**dependent on amount of exercise taken
***in continuous GPS mode


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