Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar FT7 heart rate monitor is very similar in style and functionality to the FT4 monitor, but it does pack some extra features that are worth pointing out. The average Amazon review is coming in at 4.2 stars out of over 400 reviews, which does indicate that a lot of people are very happy with this product.

Like the FT4, the Polar FT7 has a built-in calorie calculator which upon entering your height, weight, age and gender, tells you exactly how many calories you have burned during a workout. This is especially handy for people who are targeting weight loss, but also for anyone trying to optimize their diet for their training.

The energy pointer feature is something that will probably interest you if you are trying to strike a balance between burning fat or improving fitness. This feature is basically a graphical indicator that tells you whether your current level of exercise is burning more fat or trending towards improved fitness levels. Whatever your aim is for a specific sessions you will know exactly what you are achieving, and you’ll be able to make adjustments as you need.


Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Training load is an online feature that allows you to enter your training data from the Polar FT7 and track your performance over time. In addition this interactive personal trainer will advise when rest days are advised and when exercise should be increased. This is literally like having a personal trainer advise you without the cost of hiring one.


The watch will also track a lot more training sessions than the FT4 and you can review up to 99 sessions on the watch. This is probably more than enough, as the watch is not the best place to do all of your training data analysis It is a better option to do so with Polar’s online training software where all the data is visualized much better.


If you are looking for a heart rate monitor that is also suitable for swimming then this item will serve your purposes. Being water resistant to 30m means that you can wear the watch and the chest sensor in water and monitor your training progress.


While this is still classified an entry level heat rate monitor it does pack some extra features that fall into the fitness improvement and more advanced category. Monitors in that category usually cost considerably more, so the Polar FT7 heart rate monitor is very reasonably priced at about $90.


The watch is available in Black/Gold, Black/Red, Black/Silver and Red/Silver, so no matter whether you are male or female, you will find a style that suits you. If fashion is a concern to you then you really are spoilt for choice with this model.



Water resistant watch and heart rate sensor

Calorie counter and energy load indicator


Doesn’t display time and heart rate at the same time

Alarm volume is very low


Also take a look at this very handy comparison table that we have put together in order to make it easier to see the differences between all the different HRMs.