Polar FT2 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar FT2 heart rate monitor is an entry level HRM with a few more features than just the simple display of the heart rate. At a price of $60 it is very affordable for a beginner and as you will see it comes with a couple of extra data elements that can be very useful. Starting out this watch is really a great way for you to get used to this type of training.

First of all the FT2 comes with the ability to have an audible and visual alarm when you move between target zones during your training. This helps greatly as you do not have to constantly check whether you are performing at a certain level. Essentially you can just focus on your training session and the pace you are trying to achieve.

Manual target zones for heart rate BPM can also be set so that you can decide before hand at what level you want to exercise. For people who vary the intensity of their training this is a crucial feature to have. Training plans are very important part of heart rate training so having this feature will definitely help you in your quest for improved fitness. By displaying this data to you at any given time you will be able to focus on your running more than on making sure you figure out what zone you are in.

The main difference to the FT1 is that the FT2 automatically sets age based target zones and also displays the average and maximum heart rate for a workout session. This means that a novice can simply start using target zones without having to know how to calculate them. When you have finished a workout session it is good to know how well you performed by having the data on the average heart rate and also the maximum heart rate. By looking at this over time you can tell how much you are improving.

As a beginner to heart rate training you will not want to have too many functions that will distract you, but at the same time you don’t want to find that after just a few months you need a new model with more functionality. At the very least you have target heart zones that can be set making it a lot easier to execute your training. On top of that, Polar is a very good maker of quality watches with very easy to use functionality. You won’t be disappointed with this model to set you off on a great path.

The Polar FT2 heart rate monitor comes in a choice of red or black making it suitable for both men and women. It is a pretty stylish watch so if you are fashion conscious.



Watch alarms when moving out of heart rate zone

HeartTouch feature makes it easy to switch display data


Stores only one workout

Cannot change settings once workout is started


Also take a look at this very handy comparison table that we have put together in order to make it easier to see the differences between all the different HRMs.