Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar FT1 heart rate monitor is the most basic entry level HRM from Polar and comes with a price tag of less than $50. It really doesn’t have many features to talk about but it does the basic function really well. The display is large and features a backlight, so it is very easy to see your current heart rate and zone. It also looks pretty cool so will appeal to the fashion conscious sports person.

Heart rate zones can be manually set to suit your needs and fitness level. This allows you to progressively increase the zones and change them from workout to workout. The Polar FT1 then shows you what zone you are in and it also sounds an alarm when you move from one zone to another. This is extremely convenient especially when you are just getting used to heart rate training. This is really helpful during training as you will not have to constantly look at your watch to make sure you are performing at the correct intensity. The less you are distracted by having to check the data the more you can focus on performing to the optimum. Less distractions are always a benefit, especially during competitive events.

You also have the ability to manually set your personal target zones, which vary from athlete to athlete and will also change over time as your fitness improves. On many other entry level devices you do not have this ability to make manual changes. Such devices quickly become very limited and you will find that you replace them within a very short space of time. With this Polar you will be able to keep going for quite a while before you find yourself wishing for more features.

These target zones really help the beginner as the whole idea of using a heart rate monitor is to vary the intensity of your training throughout a workout session and over time. Using this indicator makes it a lot easier for you to improve your fitness and stick to a specific training plan you have set for yourself. It can also be varied from session to session so that you can really tailor your plan for a certain goal.

The Polar FT1 heart rate monitor is available in black and blue and is relatively small compared to other models. Therefore it is very suitable for both men and women who are trying to get started with a HRM. For a beginner this is an ideal device that will not take too long to get used to. This means you can focus more on getting your training plan and execution right, rather than trying to master your new gadget. The design is pretty cool and there are not loads of buttons to change settings and navigate menus.


Polar FT1 Heart Rate MonitorPros:

Manual target heart rate zones

Target zones with visual and audible alarm


No average or peak heart rate information

The battery is not user changeable


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