Polar CS300 HRM

The Polar CS300 heart rate monitor is a mid level HRM that packs quite a lot of features for a more advanced athlete looking to really analyse and improve workout sessions. It is specifically designed for cycling and cross training and comes with the bike mount and speed sensor in the box, all for $140. Overall this is a great value package.


The CS300 also includes the ability to use a wireless speed sensor that gives you feedback about your pace while cycling. This is particularly handy to have for your training data tracking as you will not be tracking data from your HRM and your bike’s odometer separately. More flexibility in data tracking will give you a much better picture of you perform on each training sessions.

Polar CS300 Heart Rate MonitorFitness Test is a feature that tells you exactly how your fitness level is developing over time. It essentially uses the data from past training sessions and tells you how you are doing, which is a very handy feature that avoids having to interpret your data manually.


OwnZone is a feature that the Polar CS300 includes to help you identify your ideal heart rate zone for a training session. It indicates when you are operating in this zone which helps you optimize your fitness improvement over time. In conjunction with Polar’s online tracking facility you can also identify when you need rest days before you exercise again.


Many athletes underestimate the importance of rest days, and a personal trainer would very much insist on rest days, but we can’t all afford such a luxury. If you want to be reminded of when to best time your rest time then this HRm will really work well for you.



Very accurate distance calculation

Target Zone calculation through OwnZone is very good


Tricky to get data transfer to website to work first time around

Some people report the buttons feeling a little cheap and flimsy


Also take a look at this very handy comparison table that we have put together in order to make it easier to see the differences between all the different HRMs.