Omron HR-310 HRM

The Omron HR-310 heart rate monitor is a basic entry level HRM and is the most fully featured device offered by Omron. With a price tag of $40 it is very affordable especially for people who are just trying to get started with heart rate guided training. When you are just starting out with this form of training then you might not want to spend a huge amount of money at the very start. This device makes it a very good option.

A fantastic feature of this HRM is that it will alert you visually and through an audio signal when you enter your optimum heart rate zone. This is very useful, as it means that you do not have to constantly check whether or not you are optimally performing during your workout. You can simply focus on your pace and technique or just let your mind drift without underperforming.

With the Omron HR-310 you also get average and percentage hear rate values for your workout which is a great piece of information to have if you want to monitor your progress over time. Add to this the calorie calculator and you strike a good balance between being able to exercise for fitness improvement or weight loss. Knowing how much energy you burned is very important as your diet should be tracked as much as your training data.

Omron HR-310 Heart Rate MonitorWhile this is a reasonably priced heart rate monitor and has some very good features I would be a bit skeptical of it given the very mediocre reviews on Amazon. These reviews are generally a very good indication of how well received it is. For this price there are quite a few other options that will probably serve you better. You can check out our comparison table to find something in your price range with better buyer reviews.



Data display by tapping lens on watch

Average and percentage rates displayed


Mediocre Amazon reviews

Chest strap not suitable for swimming


Also take a look at this very handy comparison table that we have put together in order to make it easier to see the differences between all the different HRMs.