Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The Omron HR-100C heart rate monitor is one of the most reviewed heart rate monitors on Amazon, with over 1,000 buyers having given it an average 3.9 star rating. That certainly is a pretty good rating to base a purchase decision on, but you need to first consider whether the features included are enough for what you are planning to use it for.

At a price of less than $50 you should not be expecting a huge array of functionality, but the Omron HR-100C should also not turn you away either. If you are starting off with a regular exercise program and you want to optimize your training, then this device is very likely a great buy for you. It will not overwhelm you with a learning curve to figure out how to use it and you can almost start running with it straight out of the box without studying the printed guide.

While functionality of the Omron HR-100C is quite basic it does include Zone Alert. This essentially warns you if your heart rate goes too high or too low. When you are starting to optimize your work out sessions, this is the one function you really want to have. It is through this feature that you can increase and decrease the intensity of your training while getting immediate feedback. Ultimately this is the main thing you want and it is something that the HR100 does really well. This is often the case with models that have limited functionality as the focus is on doing a few things and doing them well.

This feature is also very important for anyone who is doing exercise after having suffered a heart condition, where a doctor may have prescribed exercise at a certain maximum heart rate. By using this very basic model you will be able to keep a constant eye on your heart to make sure you do not put too much strain on it. Exercise is important for everyone one but it can be very difficult to get right when you do have a cardiological condition that has to be monitored carefully.

One of the downsides of this device is that you cannot upload data to a computer for tracking purposes. For just a few more Dollars you will be able to get this functionality and this will greatly help you with tracking improvement and planning future exercise. It also does not have an interval or split function on the stop watch, which is a bit of a problem if you tend to do circuit training or run timed laps for shorter distance events.

Bottom line is that this is an inexpensive but basic device that will help you get started with heart rate training, but do not expect too much. It’s enough to test the water, but you will quickly outgrow this device if you decide to stick with heart rate training.



Low priced introductory model

User changeable battery


Basic design and display of data

Doesn’t display time and heart rate at the same time


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