Omron Heart Rate Monitor Reviews


Omron is a leading maker of medical and wellness products that include heart rate monitors used by sports people. The company’s fitness products are extremely popular and generally come with very affordable price tags. Features are relatively basic, but you will definitely have the most important functionality to get you started. So if you are on a tight budget or just want to find whether you will like this kind of training then Omron could well be your best option.

The following is a list of HRMs from Omron that you might be interested in. We have reviewed some of their most popular products currently available at Amazon, and especially for a beginner to heart rate training these are excellent options. Generally they are very easy to use and set up, and there is little distraction from advanced features.

Even some advanced and performance athletes prefer this kind of limited functionality as  it focuses them more on their training rather than the nitty gritty data displayed not he watch. From own experience it really can be a distraction as you are constantly trying to see how you are doing on individual data points. The more there is to display the more you will want to know so it may actually be a better idea to get limited features to start with.


NameWarrantyCalorie CalculatorEnergy Pointer*GPSWater ResitantBattery LifeAmazon
Omron HR-100C1 YearNoNoNoYes1 YearUnder $100
Omron HR-2101 YearYesNoNoYes1 YearUnder $100
Omron HR-3101 YearYesNoNoYes 50m1 YearUnder $100


*Indicator that tells you whether current exercise is burning fat or improving fitness
**dependent on amount of exercise taken
***in continuous GPS mode


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