New Balance Heart Rate Monitor Reviews


The brand name New Balance will not be a stranger to most sports people. The company has been active in the sports wear and gadgets market for many decades which gives them a lot of brand recognition. Especially their runners have been very popular for a long time and they certainly are of very good quality.

The company offers devices for the novice and advanced user which means that you will find something to suit your needs. All their products are made of a very stylish design and the functionality is of very high quality. In the below reviews you will find more detailed information, but you will not go too far wrong by choosing New Balance.


NameWarrantyCalorie CalculatorEnergy Pointer*GPSWater ResitantBattery LifeAmazon
New Balance N42 YearYesNoNoYes 30m1 YearUnder $100
New Balance N72 YearYesNoNoYes 30m1 YearUnder $100


*Indicator that tells you whether current exercise is burning fat or improving fitness
**dependent on amount of exercise taken
***in continuous GPS mode


Product Reviews:

All of the above posts will give you the functional and feature summary along with our highlights of the pros and cons. This will give you a good idea whether it will be a suitable option for your personal needs. With so many HRMs available you are really spoilt for choice, but the advantage is that you can get exactly what will suit your needs. Make sure you also take a look at our summary table which lists all the main features of more than 30 heart rate monitors.