Heart Rate Training

In order to help you with your workouts using a heart rate monitor we have put together some interesting and helpful information about getting started with a HRM. The below is a list of pages that will help you getting started with a heart rate training plan that will quickly result in measurable improvements to your weight or fitness levels.

First thing you should look at is How to find your target heart rate.

The next thing you need to look at is is how to plan your heart rate training to attain the goals you are setting yourself.

Thirdly, you need to do is set yourself a training plan.

Finally, just measure and observe your weight loss or fitness improvement.


Your improvements will finally be measurable which makes it a lot easier to figure out when your training is is most effective in achieving your goals. Weight loss and fitness improvement are the two main areas where people try to target their training. With heart rate training you precisely target those goals and you can plan your training in a much more effective way.

With many HRMs to choose from there is something for every budget. Even if you only want to spend about $30 or $40 you will be able to get started. Features will be limited to just measuring and displaying your heart rate, and if you want to monitor your performance over time you will probably need to do that manually. But it will certainly allow you to get started and see how you feel with a very different training plan.

Alternatively you can buy a bluetooth chest strap that you can pair up with your Smartphone. This is fast becoming a very popular alternative because you can get a chart strap for less than $80 and the apps for the phone are mostly free. Also of note is that with most phones you have built in GPS so you can track your progress on a map. This feature would usually cost you several hundred Dollars with a watch based HRM so it is a cheaper and often much more functional solution.