Fat Burning Heart Rate Zone

One of the great things about heart rate training is that you can choose to target a certain type of training that triggers certain physiological effects. For many people one of the main aims of a workout is to lose weight but if you do not exercise at the right level you will not get the wanted results. That is why you should first work out your fat burning heart rate zone and stick to it.

At BestHeartRateMonitor.org we are convinced of the benefits that heart rate training will bring to athletes of all levels. Burning fat is often one of the biggest aims that people have, but many do not realize that training too hard will burn as little fat as training too easily. There is a specific zone that you will want to target and you will often see it referred to as fat burning heart rate zone.

Once you have calculated your heart rate zones you should choose to perform in the 50% to 70% range. This is generally a fairly easy pace that performance athletes target for a warm up and also cool down. But when you target this area your body will react in a very favorable way.

Essentially your body stores energy in two distinct ways:

1)   As fat in different parts of your body

2)   As Glycogen in your muscle fibers

What you want to achieve to target as much energy stored in fat as possible. Percentage wise you burn a lot more fat energy than glycogen when you train at a moderate pace at the fat burning zone. Many personal trainers will highlight though that overall you burn more energy of both types when you train harder. There is merit to both opinions and the best thing you can do is try out both.

For example, set yourself a training plan to run 3 times a week for 4 weeks and weigh yourself before and after. Once you complete the first 4 weeks change the heart rate zone you train at and see which zone provides you with the largest amount of fat and weight loss.

One of the great advantages of heart rate training is that you can experiment and figure out what works best for you. Our bodies are so different in so many ways that there really is no one solution for us all. But you do not need to hire a personal trainer to figure all this out.

heart rate monitor iphone wahooThere is some level of disagreement about the benefits of training in the fat burning zone with some people very much opposed to it. Ultimately, all our bodies and metabolism are very different, meaning that our bodies will react very differently. If you are just starting a new workout regime to drop some pounds then we would suggest that you start by choosing a reasonable heart rate monitor and then targeting the fat burning heart rate zone. If this does not have the results you hoped for you can always tweak your training, which is one of the super advantages of this type of training.