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Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor

The Suunto M2 heart rate monitor is a mid-level HRM that comes with all the basic features needed, plus some very handy additions that make it easier for you to adjust your training intensity during a workout session. The more flexibility you have the better your outcomes will be.

This is done by giving you feedback about which one of three heart rate zones you are currently in. Based on this feedback which is given both visually and through sounding a beep, you can either increase or decrease the intensity at which you are training. This allows you to optimize your progress to higher fitness levels.

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Suunto T6D Heart Rate Monitor

The Suunto T6D heart rate monitor is one of the high end models made by Suunto, and comes with a price tag of $400, dependent on color and any extras. With a price like that it does have functionality that would only be relevant to very serious athletes. But if you are serious or very competitive, then you would really do yourself a favor with this HRM.

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Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitor

The Suunto M4 heart rate monitor is a mid-level HRM which packs quite a few features that are not what you would  find on an entry level device. This warrants the price of $140 compared to more basic models that retail for about $60, along with the fact that it has an incredible cool design. Suunto are definitely the standout designers in the whorl of sports watches.

The first feature to note is that the watch comes with 3 target zones and an alarm function that informs you when you move from one into the other. This is of great help as you do not have to constantly look at your watch to see if you are in the ideal zone. once you get used to heart rate training you will appreciate this function as you can just focus on your pace and will be warned when your pace increases or decreases too much.

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Suunto Vector HRM

The Suunto Vector heart rate monitor is a device that falls into the higher range for quite serious athletes. If you are into cross country, hiking or mountaineering sports then this HRM and watch will have some great functionality for you, and is well worth paying over $250. Of all the watches available, this is probably one of the most feature rich ones you could buy.

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Suunto Ambit GPS Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The Suunto Ambit heart rate monitor is probably the Cadillac among the heart rate monitors available today, and both the features and the price show how much it is geared towards performance and professional athletes. With a price tag of $500 you really want to be sure that you need and will use all the features that this device packs.

But even at that price, you will not be disappointed by the possibilities that this HRM will deliver. For a serious athlete and outdoor enthusiast this is a lot more than just a heart rate monitor. It will give you an amazing amount of information about your training session and the  route you traveled on, which will allow you to plan and execute training regimes much more efficiently.

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Best Cycling Heart Rate Monitor

Performance and professional athletes have long been taking advantage of heart rate based training to improve their fitness levels. Especially in preparation for competitive events the use of a cycling heart rate monitor can really help you get the most out of your training regime. It also lets you plan a much better exercising schedule as you have some very specific goals to aim at. At we have reviewed many different devices and making a final decision can be quite difficult.

Before you make a final decision on a specific model there are a few things you should consider for your heart rate monitor cycling equipment:

1) Cyclepod

These devices attach to a wheel of your bike and will help measure speed and distance travelled. These are vital pieces of information for you to track on each of your training days, as it will allow you to monitor your progress over time. For such a small add on you will have to pay extra, but it can be really worth it if you are serious about tracking all your performance data.

2) GPS

An alternative to using a cyclepod is to consider heart rate monitors with built in GPS functionality.  The GPS will essentially keep track of your pace and in addition track the route you traveled on. This can be very valuable information as you can keep track of your average heart rate on different routes.  However, the speed tracking will not be as accurate as with a cyclepod.

3) Bike Adapter For Watch

This is very convenient, as you do not want to take your hand off the handlebar to see current data. With a bike adapter you can attach the watch to the bike so that you can easily glance at it when you want to see how you are performing. Taking your hands off the handle bar to see your data is not always possible or convenient so this is a good add on option to go for.

One of the best cycling heart rate monitors you can buy is the Suunto M4, which comes with considerably more features than the more basic versions. It will indicate heart rate zones, calories burned and take in data from foot, GPS or cycle pods. In addition you should consider adding the Suunto Bike Pod and Suunto Wristop Bike Adaptor to your heart rate monitor cycling equipment.

There are endless benefits to implementing heart rate based training and finding the right cycling heart rate monitor will ensure that you see the best benefits to your fitness and performance levels.

Suunto M1 HRM

The Suunto M1 heart rate monitor is the entry level and cheapest model from this manufacturer of high precision and design HRMs. As it is an entry level product it does not have many of the features some of Suunto’s other products have, but at a price of $90 this cannot be expected. But you do get a great style and design associated with Suunto.


If you are new to using heart rates to improve your performance and fitness level then this is a very good choice. It doesn’t have many advanced features but they can be distractions when you are trying to get used to this type of training. Being able to focus on heart rate at the very start is important as you will not overload yourself with trying to over-optimize your performance.

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Suunto M5 HRM

The Suunto M5 heart rate monitor is a fully packed HRM that features some very advanced functionality, usually only found on very high end and expensive types like the Suunto Ambit. While the M5 does not come with a built in GPS, you do have the option to buy either a foot, bike or GPS POD that will allow you to track your speed and distance.


Along with your real time heart rate the M5 will also calculate your calories burned which is a great feature if you are aiming for a specific weight loss. The display of the watch is large enough to accommodate multiple data points meaning that you do not have to constantly switch between different views.

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