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Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor

The Suunto M2 heart rate monitor is a mid-level HRM that comes with all the basic features needed, plus some very handy additions that make it easier for you to adjust your training intensity during a workout session. The more flexibility you have the better your outcomes will be.

This is done by giving you feedback about which one of three heart rate zones you are currently in. Based on this feedback which is given both visually and through sounding a beep, you can either increase or decrease the intensity at which you are training. This allows you to optimize your progress to higher fitness levels.

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Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar FT80 heart rate monitor is one of the company’s mid-level HRMs falling into what Polar call the Improve Fitness category. It certainly is more expensive than an entry level device and currently will cost you $195. But for this price you do get an awful lot of features that will seriously help improve fitness levels.

One of the great features of this heart rate monitor is that you expand its functionality by getting either a foot pod or a GPS sensor. The foot pod will then allow the watch to track your speed and distance, which is especially helpful for runners. The GPS sensor will also allow you to track your speed and distance, but also the route you traveled.

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Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar FT1 heart rate monitor is the most basic entry level HRM from Polar and comes with a price tag of less than $50. It really doesn’t have many features to talk about but it does the basic function really well. The display is large and features a backlight, so it is very easy to see your current heart rate and zone. It also looks pretty cool so will appeal to the fashion conscious sports person.

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Polar RC3 GPS Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar RC3 GPS heart rate monitor is one of the more advanced HRM available by one of the top manufacturers in this industry. At a price of under $250 it certainly is aimed at performance and professional athletes that are very serious about their training optimization. There are features on this model that you will not find on entry level devices and beginners will probably be overwhelmed by the functionality.

For most people there will be very few if any features that are missing, and with the online services available you will be able to do some pretty serious tailoring of your training regime.  Polar call these features Smart Coaching and two of the best ones are Fitness Test and Endurance Program. It is like having the expertise of a personal trainer with you all the time to tell you how well you are actually doing.

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Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor (Men)

The Polar FT40 heart rate monitor is a mid level HRM that goes beyond the basic features of the entry level devices. With a price tag of just over $109 it is still quite affordable, but quite a step up from the $50 and $60 prices common with entry level ones. These extra features definitely justify the higher price and if you think you are going to be serious about heart rate based training then this model is a very likely contender.

You definitely get a whole lot more for your money and here you find out some of the great features. First to mention is the really cool function of what Polar call Fitness Test. What you do is wear the chest strap after exercising and while you are at rest in order to record your resting heart rate, or your OwnIndex. This is similar to a VO2max index which is a good measure of your aerobic fitness level. By saving multiple results you can easily track how your fitness is improving over time. The watch automatically computes these values making it very easy for you to see your improvements.

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Suunto T6D Heart Rate Monitor

The Suunto T6D heart rate monitor is one of the high end models made by Suunto, and comes with a price tag of $400, dependent on color and any extras. With a price like that it does have functionality that would only be relevant to very serious athletes. But if you are serious or very competitive, then you would really do yourself a favor with this HRM.

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Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar RS300X heart rate monitor is an entry to mid level device from one of the biggest makers of HRMs. While this is classed an entry level monitor, it does come with some features that go beyond the most basic devices available, which is why we refer to it as tending towards mid level.

For less than $90 you obviously get heart rate monitoring, but the watch doesn’t just display the beats per minute. It can also display a percentage of maximum heart rate or an average for a particular work out session. This is very handy if you want to trigger and a certain average on a given day, or vary between certain percentages during one training session.

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Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitor

The Suunto M4 heart rate monitor is a mid-level HRM which packs quite a few features that are not what you would  find on an entry level device. This warrants the price of $140 compared to more basic models that retail for about $60, along with the fact that it has an incredible cool design. Suunto are definitely the standout designers in the whorl of sports watches.

The first feature to note is that the watch comes with 3 target zones and an alarm function that informs you when you move from one into the other. This is of great help as you do not have to constantly look at your watch to see if you are in the ideal zone. once you get used to heart rate training you will appreciate this function as you can just focus on your pace and will be warned when your pace increases or decreases too much.

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Timex Ironman Global Trainer With GPS

The Timex Ironman Global Trainer is one of the more advanced heart rate monitors available by this manufacturer. With built in GPS functionality it allows you to track your route, speed and distance which are very important pieces of information for tracking your overall performance and fitness progress. The GPS function also allows you to enter up to 100 location points for any planned routes.

At a price of less than $250 you will struggle to find the same level of features in other makes and models, especially considering that you are able to customize the display to show up to four different data points. This is very handy as it means that during a workout you do not need to constantly press buttons to get the information you are looking for. However, this dos make the watch quite large which may not be to everyone’s liking, but that is the price you pay to be able to see so much data in one go.

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New Balance N7 Heart Rate Monitor

The New Balance N7 heart rate monitor is a good but basic entry level HRM which would suite both men and women from its design. With a price tag of $50 it is a very affordable HRM for people who are looking to optimize their workouts. If you are a more advanced athlete, then the N7 could still be a good option, as it is quite small in comparison to other HRMs available.

Considering the small size, the New Balance N7 allows you to view two lines of monitoring data simultaneously.This means you can see your heart rate as well as the stop watch or calorie counter without the need to press buttons to switch between them. This can be very convenient as trying to fiddle with small buttons while you are exercising can be quite difficult and the last thing you want to do is accidentally change the settings.

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