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Heart Rate Monitor Best Sellers (July 2013)

As people’s tastes and opinions change from month to month, and with new heart rate monitors coming on the market very regularly, there is a constant change in the popularity of certain devices. That is why we regularly publish a list of the bestselling HRMs at Amazon, so that you can be sure that you stay up-to-date with current trends

The top sellers on Amazon will also show you where the best value currently is, because people often tend to opt for items that are significantly reduced in price. This means that you will be able to choose from a list of very popular and also affordable heart monitors giving you a better buyer and user experience.


1) Polar FT4

The Polar FT4 isone of the most popular heart rate monitors for a very good reason. It is very affordable and made by a company that is probably the top producer of sports watches and heart rate monitors. This entry level option is great for anyone trying to get started with heart rate training. Beyond just the basic functionality you will find some additional features that will really help you with your training plan.

2) Polar FT7

If the FT4 does not offer quite anough features then you will not be disappointed by the FT7.For just a little bit more money you will get functionality that will tell you what your current training intensity is doing for your body. It is very handy to know whether you are training in a heart rate zone that triggers weight loss or one that helps improve fitness levels.

3) Polar RS100

It’s not really surprising to see another Polar HRM this far up the top seller list. The RS100 from Polar is a fantastic choice for any athlete with some very good advanced features. One problem you will often find with devices that have more features is that the displays are not large enough to be able to see the data while you are exercising. This is not the case with the RS100 as one the display is large enough to show you heart rate data and a stop watch at the same time.

4) Timex Personal Trainer

More than 900 Amazon customers have reviewed this heart monitor which certainly makes a great favorite. Timex have long been involved in sports watches and their HRMs do not disappoint. It is one of their entry level monitors, but it comes with quite a few features that you would not find on any other entry level devices.

5) Omron HR-100C

As another very popular maker of heart rate monitors the HR-100C is a great option and it has a lot of positive reviews at Amazon. If you are completely new to heart rate training and have a very limited budget then is is quite possibly the best option for you. It does not come with advanced features, but when you are starting out with heart rate training this may actually be a good thing.

If you want to see feature comparisons of all the monitors reviewed on this site then make sure you take a look at our convenient comparison chart.