Best Heart Rate Monitor For Android

Heart rate training has long been a great way to monitor fitness improvement while at the same time helping you to attain certain goals for your preferred sport. At we have reviewed a very large amount of heart rate monitors that are based on a chest strap and a watch. This makes is possible to find a model that is very reasonable at under $50. But when you want to have some additional coaching, training and GPS features then so far you have been limited to paying out well over $200.

However, most people these days will own a Smartphone, which allows them to create the best heart rate monitor for Android at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise have to pay. What you essentially need is a heart rate chest strap and one of the many Apps available, some of them for free and others for just a few Dollars.

One of the best chest straps you can get is the Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Sensor for Android and Windows Phone 8. It is a simple chest strap that will comfortably fit the majority of people and is easily adjusted to individual needs. It will transmit your heart rate speed and distance to your Android or Windows phone which can then be used in most to the Apps available.

The great thing about this sensor is that the batteries last for up to 26 hours and can be replaced easily. There are rechargeable batteries available as well, but you will probably have to charge them more regularly than with non-rechargable ones. It is also water-resistant up to 1m, which means that you could technically use to for swimming as well. However, this would require a water-resistant smartphone, which can be done through water resistant packaging. This is however, not an ideal solution, so if you tend to go swimming a lot it may be better to get a standard heart rate monitor.

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Another option to create the best heart rate monitor for Android is to use the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor. Before you consider this option, you should definitely contact Polar about compatibility with your particular phone. We have seen several reports that there have been problems getting it to sync with some devices. What you need to look out for is whether your phone is compatible with Bluetooth 4 LE.

Other than that, when this sensor does work it works really well and does so for less than $60. ->>> Click here for the top rated heart monitors for iPhone available at Amazon As for Apps, there is really a huge selection. What we have fond best is to try out a couple of the free versions. Most apps have a free download option, which then requires a payment of $5 to $20 to have certain features activated. By using a free version you can ensure that you like the interface and usability before you commit to buying. Two apps that have become very popular are MapMyRun and Polar Beat. The free versions come with plenty of features, including tracking your routes on a map. But even the more advanced features are available at a very small price.

Creating the Best Heart Rate Monitor For Android is actually quite simple and this page should have given you the information you need. If you still think that a watch based heart rate monitor will be a better option then check out our very convenient comparison table.