Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor Review


One of the newest heart rate chest straps available on the market is the Beets BLU heart rate monitor. It has been designed and created specifically to function with Smartphones by taking advantage of Bluetooth technology built into practically all of the most popular phones. And if you have an iPhone or Android based device then the Beets BLU is probably one of your best options of all the devices reviewed here at


How Does It Work?

The Beets BLU is essentially a sensor chest strap, just like you would find with any other HRM. It comes in one size that allows you to adjust it so that it comfortably fits your chest size. Through the electrode sensors in the strap the monitor picks up your heart rate and then sends this as raw data to your phone where it can be analyzed and displayed through many of the available apps.

The great thing is that the strap itself can be removed from the transmitting sensor so that you can regularly wash it after a workout session. It is also very comfortable to wear since it can be adjusted to your individual chest size and level of comfort. Just make sure that it sits tight enough to not slip wil you are exercising.


The Technology

The important thing to note is that this device utilizes the most up-to-date Bluetooth technology: Bluetooth Smart v 4.0. The great advantage of this technology is that it uses far less energy than traditional Bluetooth, but still provides the same range. This means that you will not drain the battery in the heart sensor too quickly giving you a much longer time span between replacing batteries.

The battery will last the average user for the best part of a year and it is also worth noting that it is extremely easy to replace. This is not something that is very common with other waterproof chest straps on the market.


Compatible Devices

One thing I really like about the Beets BLU heart rate monitor is that the company very clearly communicate which devices are compatible. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android share over 85% of the mobile device market and it is for these two technologies that the Beets BLU was created. So many other manufacturers are very vague about compatibility and you are sometimes left guessing whether your phone really is compatible.

Not so with this device. The latest iPhones and iPods, and even the iPad mini are among Apple’s products that will be able to be paired with this chest strap. For Android users you will be able to use it with the LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, HTC Droid DNA and HTC One X+. As you can see, the most popular smartphones on the market are covered on the official compatibility list.


Compatible Apps

The iTunes App Store and Google play are the two places where users will be getting their apps. Similar to listing compatible hardware, the manufacturers also list out a long index of apps that will pick up the data. The great thing is that most apps are available as a free download giving you the main functionality. Advanced features are then available either in a paid download or in some cases as in-app upgrades.

Rather than make a recommendation about an App, we always suggest that you download a few free apps that appeal to you and try them out on several workouts. When you find the one you like best you can always upgrade to a paid version to give you advanced functions that might help you in your heart rate training.

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The last thing to mention is that the Beets BLU is advertised as being waterproof up to 10 feet. This means that you can actually use it to go swimming if you have a waterproof container for you phone. This is especially convenient for any triathletes among the readers. Having data for all your training and competitive events will really help you better prepare and analyze your performance.



The Beets BLU heart rate monitor is by far one of the best devices you can buy to expand your heart rate training abilities. The list of compatible hardware and software is extensive and will cover the majority of users. Add to that the fact that it uses the latest Bluetooth technology and at the same time is waterproof, really means there is nothing much left to wish for.


Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor with Bluetooth Smart from Beets BLU on Vimeo.